PayLock is a wallet based escrow platform. What this means is that every transaction that you perform on PayLock is linked to your wallet. Therefore, the first thing you will find yourself doing once you’ve signed up is to Load Your Wallet.

Here’s the visual:

It’s quite simple. Click on “Wallet” on the left, then on “Load/Withdraw” on the dropdown.

On the next page, click on Load Wallet, then on the modal that pops up, input the amount you want to transact with on PayLock.

Ensure that the amount you input is enough to pay for the transaction itself, transaction charges and escrow fees. If in doubt, use our fees calculator on the homepage.

Enter your credit card or debit card details on the next page and validate with an OTP code (if you’ve activated OTP validation on your account).

We will notify you on the next page if your wallet has been loaded successfully.

If you have any problems loading your wallet, send us an email at We’ll be happy to help!